Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Evolution of SD Glyos...

As most people know, I adore toys, especially small monstrous/alien looking figures. This love has introduced me to many different things over the last few years. The two most prolific things it's introduced me too have got to be The God Beast and Glyos.

The God Beast is an Artist that has been creating and re-producing custom figures for years, and has two very talented sons that have sculpted there own set of mini-figures. TGB and his Son's work is some of my most prized:

Glyos... well what can I say, anyone that allready knows of these guys, knows how addictively awesome they are! Anyone that hasn't held these guys in there hands... Well all I can say is go get some!

So... When I found out that TGB was casting some Glyos compatible figures, I tripped over myself trying to get hold of some! Luckily, TGB being the awesome guy he is, hooked me up with exactly what I was after!

As you can see, quite an awesome set of SD figures! Now... Apparently they are Glyos compatible... That means it's building time!

First off, lets try making some Alternate arms for the SD guys. I found the angle of the arm holes made it slightly difficult to put in normal glyos pieces, but I got there in the end...

I like this little guy, but what I really want is someone taller with more building potential....

...Hey Presto!

Hmmm He needs bigger/bulkier arms...

Now that's a Phanost!

In my opinion these guys really capture the super deformed style while still keeping the Glyos Feel and Play-ability.

A huge thumbs up from me!


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