Sunday, 28 February 2010

Kill! X Glyos

Kill! X Glyos

Kill! (Website) (Twitter) is an artist that I came across when he first released a set of Glyos Customs, all available from his blog and in limited numbers. I stayed up late and managed to score quite a few:

These are pretty kick as figures!

We have a pair of Cythos:

One Metallic Silver hand cast head and hand with a Metallic silver rubbed Glyos body. The second has an awesome Marble affect hand cast head and hand with a second hand painted to match it all on a carefully chosen translucent Glyos body. I love these guys!

Pheyder of the Wasteland:

This guy is phenominal! He has a modified pheyden head on a standard glyos body that has been painted/splattered with purple to give it a really cool look!

Wasteland Crayboth:

This is a standard crayboth that has head additional sculpting done on it and then a paint job that gives it a really bizarre metallic stone look!


This is the only guy I didn't love as soon as I received him. His head is fantastic, As with kill's previous stuff, the sculpting and paint app's on the hand cast pieces are amazing! It's the body that let's it down. The Body is a standard Glyos Gendrome with a high-gloss coating. The Gloss coat helps a little as it seems more of a complete figure, but I would prefer to have seen some of the killer paint apps like the previous figures.

All in all a pretty awesome first wave of collaboration figures and they sold out very quickly so congrats kill!

Second Release:

This release consisted of 3 diferent figures, Doctor O, Slarmon and Zagolian Bezerker. Same price as last time, but sadly they are no where near as good (at least not in my opinion).

All of these figures suffered from the same Great paint job on the Head, poor paint job on the body combination that the Zagolian from the previous run suffered from. Each one has a basic Buildmen Gendrome body that has had a small amount of color sprayed on the chest....

....So not to be phased I gave them a bit of a spruce up! All the pictures below show my paintjob on the left and the Original on the right. (I don't have an original Zagolian Bezerker anymore so I used Kill's stock photo)

Doctor O:


Zagolian Bezerker:

In all of these, I have kept the heads in the original colors that Kill sent them to me, I've just re-painted (and slightly modified) the bodies to hopefully provide a more uniform/complete look.

Finally, V-Day Glyos....

Kill released a blind bag assortment of figures for Valentines day, I'm always a little dubious of Blind bag runs, as there's nothing to guarantee that you'll like the figure you get but I figured that worst case scenario I end up with another kick-ass head and a poor body. Or Best case Scenario, another F-ing Awesome figure like the Original Pheyder of the wasteland!

I got this...

The Center figure, the other two are there for comparison purposes.

I'm sorry kill, but this figure just didn't cut the mustard for me, Again, a standard gendrome body, but this time the torso has been dyed pink... Fine, Pink is a V-day color, but why only dye the chest and leave the Limbs in the poor original grey color... As you can see, in both previous Doctor O figures, the heads came with a great paint job showing all the detail in the sculpt. This one doesn't. It has Eyes and Teeth, but it just doesn't carry the same level of detail and work as the others.

It may seem like I'm giving these a bit of a hard time, and I guess I am. I was just so impressed with the original figures that I was disappointed by the more recent ones. Don't get me wrong though, these are still pretty good value for the price and I had a lot of fun painting them myself. There are still 2 more figures currently on their way to me from Kill, and these look like they're back to Kill's Original style with a Kick-Ass paint job. I really hope this is the case, and will post photos either way when they arrive!


P.S. If anyone is in doubt, I still heartily recommend grabbing a couple of his customs as the heads are really well sculpted and cast. Oh and his other Resin/Vinyl figures are pretty darn good too!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dead Presidents Armodocs Arrived!

So, after a pretty hectic weekend with Iksentrik, then a week filled with work, I've finally been able to get round to sorting out the weekends post. Amidst the usual packing materials was a treasure I had been waiting for...
Custom Painted Dead Presidents Armodocs!

Dead Presidents Twitter Website Have been working with Glyos for quite a while now, and have come up with some Killer Collaberations! I've been lucky and managed to collect quite a few so far...

Warmongers Custom Corps:

Firstly, a pair of Crayboth, Candycorn and Optimus styles!

Both of these Crayboth Glow in the Dark, one glows Green and the other Glows Red/Pink! They are awesome and the Color blending on them is insane!

Followed closely by a pair of Buildmen:

Both of these Buildmen used the Spectre Buildmen as their bases. So they both have the great GitD Green color!

Up next is the First Standard release Dead Presidents' Glyos figure, Nemica Gobon!

This guy is one of my favourite DP pieces, the Blue is crystal clear almost like water, yet it still has the un-beatable DP shine/sparkle!
Nemica Gobon was followed by the Awesome Cerberus Gobon and Hades Pheyden Combo!

These two have what appears to be a really simple color Scheme of Yellow and Black, but in person these are Out of this World! The Black is super Glossy and the Yellow Transparent, This means that the Gobon remains Crystal clear and the Pheyden keeps it's wicked Glow in the Dark Head! On top of that these figures look almost Glass coated and are liturally saturated in Universe Glitter! With any lighting, they have an un-paralelled shine and sparkle!

That wraps up the "Official" DP X Glyos figures, now onto some awesome one off paint jobs...

Blood Flood Armodoc (Mk II):

CPDP Armodoc:

Humungus Armodoc:

I'm still exploring these bad boys, but so far.... They all have the Signature DP Shine, Even Blood Flood, which allthough Shiney still keeps that awesome Blood/Gore look!
CPDP is made of solid sparkle and lituraly shines 24/7. By day it's Glitter sparkles in all light, and by night the Glow in the Dark base that was used, really shines through!
Finaly, Humungus, this guy steals the show, he has everything DP Paintwork does! He has the Super Ultra-Glossy Shine, Is Saturated with Universal Sparkles and believe it or not his arms are actually see-through! All of that while keeping the absolutely killer Green colors, with as always perfect color merging! <---If anyone is still in doubt, Humungus is my Favourite DP figure takes center stage in my collection!

If you Don't own anything with a Dead President Paintjob yet, go and order one! Photos really don't do these figures justice, they are phenominal!

Can't wait to see what you do next DP!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Iksentrik opening party and Matt 'Lunartik' JOnes

Iksentrik had their Grand opening in Bath today, Which promised to be an awesome day, including Knucklebear custom show 'Knuckle-Sandwich' and the Custom tea Tour With Matt 'Lunartik' JOnes!

I was really lucky and managed to attend...

For the Opening, Ryan from Iksentrik organised an awesome Custom show of the Massive 18 inch Touma Knuckle Bear. Including work by ChuckBoy, Cris Rose, JP Kaiser, Iksentrik, Indescribble, Lunabee, Lunartik, Sichi, SourBones and TriClops.

All of these pieces are seriously impressive, You can't (...Or rather I can't...) capture it in photo, but because of the humongous size of these bad boys they are covered in tiny details which the camera (...My camera...) just can't catch!

Custom Tea Tour
To go along side the Awesome Knuckle-Sandwich, Iksentrik served up a delicious warming Cup'O'Tea. Not only was there an awesome custom show of over 30 different custom cups, but Matt 'Lunartik' JOnes was there himself to sign/customize/chat with visitors.
I've tried to take as many photo's of the custom Cups as possible, but there were soooo many it was unbelievable, each one Awesome in it's own way!

On top of all those insane customs, was the man himself Mr Matt 'Lunartik' JOnes!

Matt was awesome enough to customize my very own Cup'O'Tea!

Matt was really down to earth and a seriously nice guy! While he customized my cup (See above) we had a really good chat and Matt explained how he had the Lunartik in a cup of Tea created and was telling me how one of the bits he had trouble with was the cup itself. He said that in the end, he actually sculpted the cup rather than use a pre-existing one! I would imagine that it was a lot more work doing it that way, but well worth it in the end, as there is a certain consistency of style between the Lunartik, the cup, the saucer and the spoon. A ready made cup just wouldn't have worked as well. If you don't have one of these figures yet, go and find one, they are seriously awesome!

All in all a seriously awesome day out, Thankyou Iksentrik, Congratulations on the new shop and I can't wait to see what you do next!


Help from Clarence the traveling Pheyden (See Photos) and N13 Super Mum, Grand photo taker!