Wednesday, 5 May 2010

TGB X Glyos

I first came across Marty Website Twitter Blog AKA The God Beast's work a few years ago on a Vintage small plastic/rubber toy forum where he was making reproduction MUSCLE figures and Battlebeasts in all sorts of Awesome colors and effects. I got talking to Marty about sculpting/casting/molding and all things toy related and gradually built up quite an army of his (and his sons) Awesome toy/Art Pieces.

About a year ago Marty released his first collaberation With Onell designs: TGB Glyos Aliens and Brain-Wave Aliens! Including;
Phoenoid from the Fire Planet:

Centoid From the Earth Planet:

Aquoid from the Water Planet:

These are a great set of Aliens/Characters and were the first "Baddies" I had to go against my legion of Pheydens and Exellises! As you can see these came in all sorts of different colors and Effects, Translucents, Universe Glitter, Mock-Metal, Glow in the Dark, Suspended Brain and Even Solid White Metal!<---(Final Aquoid with the silver head) After these Awesome Aliens, Marty started Dyeing Glyos figures...

...and even created a set of Glyos Hybrids! Glyos figures hand dyed with Laser-Beast style Orbs and transfers!

These guys are fantastic! and each figure was carefully chosen and dyed to match the Orb and sign. There is Fire Exellis, Water Phanost, Radioactive Order (GitD), Skeleton Callgrim (Crystal Clear), Sunburst Phanost, Earth Pheyden and the un-believably Phenominal...
Hazardous Buildman!

Next to come was a set of Super Deformed Glyos figures sculpted by Tat2Artst and molded and cast by Marty (See Previous Blog Posts)

This pic shows a special Scar Exellis that Marty made and then 2 of the SD-Heads on custom bodies that I've painted. A Metallic Blue Scar Pheyden and Super-Apokalypse Phanost!

After this Marty released a string of awesome work in Progress Photos on his Flickr all leading up to the Huge Release of Infection figures!

This is a set of 8 different figures with hand cast heads and arm attachments produced by Marty on exclusive bodies by Rob AKA Voodookid2 and Onell Design. These figures are really awesome and deserve a blog post all of their own! So expect a more in depth look at them once the weather has improved and I can get outside to take some snaps of these bad boys in their home environment!

At the same release time (C2E2) Marty un-leashed his Larvoids:

At the moment this isn't strictly a TGBXGlyos figure as it doesn't combine with Glyos at all, but I have it on good authority that this is just the first form of Larvoid and that we should expect to see it go through a metamorphosis or two! Fingers crossed one of those will make it combinable with Glyos parts, until then I still very much count this creature as part of my Glyos World and the Brood-Mother of the Infected Pheydens!

Alongside Larvoid and Infection, Marty also made a super-limited run of 8 Creature in Space figures. I was really lucky and managed to score one:

I really love this figure! To me it really has the feel of a retro toy but with the Playability of Glyos. It's a standard Buildman body but with hand-cast/dyed accessories from Marty's earlier Glyos Aliens With a brand new Classic style Space monster head with an astronauts bubble helm over the top. Out-of Marty's huge arsenal of Custom figures, I think this may very well be my all time favorite. It's definitely the most Nostalgia/memory inducing one for me! Just holding it makes me revert to behaving like an 8 year old!

If you havn't picked up any of Marty's stuff I highly recommend it, it usually sells out pretty fast, but keep an eye on Marty's blog and you'll be in with a good chance! Infact the last few Infection figures are available there at the moment!

P.S. Marty isn't the only Sculptor in his family, both his sons Kobe and MJ have sculpted and produced their very own characters and toylines seen here which also seem to be pretty Glyos compatible!
I Give you "Little Godbeast Ghost of a Flame!"

and the All Consuming GloopII!

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