Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Glyos X Non-Affiliated-Bear-Like-Creatures

I've been a busy bee the last couple of weeks, After recieving a "Glyuts" figure from Jesse Destasio, Website Twitter
...An awesome figure and I really recomend picking one up if Jesse makes anymore!

I decided that I wanted to try my hand at some Starwars versions! Well after a week of scouring the Attic, Cutting, Making, Gluing, Breaking, Re-Gluing and Painting.... I came up with these:

Glyos X Non-Affiliated-Bear-Like-Creatures (Currently Available in the N13 Store)

This is a set of 10 Custom glued and painted figures based loosly round the idea of Glyos infecting Vintage Toylines and Amalgamating them Borg-Style!

The "Inacuratley named 6 Guns!" (Including Gor-Wok The Thrice bitten...)

"Packing heat" Ft. Repro Battlebeast weapons courtesy of The God Beast:

"Magnanimous Unison"


Finally "The two that slipped through the rigorous Ewok Identifying procedure"...

I'm really pleased with how these have turned out! But they still need a little something extra... Guess I'll be rooting through the attic again!

Also in the last month, me and a close friend/fellow Glyos head have been working hard on hand casting Sterling silver Glyos heads, sadly not only is it a very difficult process making sand molds, but the cost of producing them is pretty crazy too! Glyos heads cost over £20 ($35) just in the actual sterling silver involved. Even though, the final product is pretty darn cool:

These are on the back burner at the moment, but once we've found a way to produce them efficiently, you may see a few more... :D

Finally, in an update to my Kill! Review, I recieved 2 more figures from Kill!

These are in direct contrast with the poor paint jobs the last figures suffered with. As you can see, the Blue and Pink Order figure is Translucent, and Visibly sparkles with color! Then Skullface, well he looks killer! Yellow/Orange/Pink Who would have thought those colors would work so well on Callgrim, just to top it off, Callgrim still Glows in the dark aswell! Congrats on an Awesome Pair of figures Kill!